Epoxy-Terrazzo Decorative Floorings

Epoxy-Terrazzo Decorative Floorings

About Project

At Ahmedabad, there is a building where portion of floor was decided to be done with Epoxy Terrazzo (Cerrazzo of Cipy) In particular pattern with different RAL shades.


The sub floor when visited by our Engineer was approximately 150 mm down from the finish floor level (FFL). So, the Civil Contractor required to put concrete to fill the same leaving 10 mm for Cerrazzo Topping. However, while laying the screed concrete, it was not laid in proper level, and it was a herculean task to get the extra concrete poured chipped out/grinded as the case may be and it delayed the Project with extra expenditure.

Brass transition strips laying and partitions by Aluminium angles

Brass transition strips were laid at 2 mm above FFL, and we could grind Cerrazzo laid surface off 2 mm to get the Cerrazzo floor matching exactly in level with surrounding peripheral granite stone cladding. Area confined by transition strips for different colours of Cerrazzo was much more than 6 sqm and the same was sub-divided using Aluminium transition strips for economy.

Laying of Epoxy mortar

The chipped, grinded floor was thoroughly cleaned with vacuum equipment and a coat of epoxy primer was applied. In order to ensure that only 12 mm depth from top of transition strip is available for filling by Cerrazzo matrix, the extra depth wherever found was filled by Epoxy Mortar over the coat of Epoxy primer already laid. The epoxy mortar surface was further sealed with a coat of Epoxy primer mixed with Talc powder.

Laying of Cerrazzo

Cerrazzo matrix of darker shades was chosen to be laid at first, followed by lighter shades.

Dry Grinding of the cured Cerrazzo surface.

After proper curing for 24 hours to achieve the required compressive strength, the Cerrazzo surface was grinded by 2mm to bring the laid surface to FFL level. Dry grinding was started with coarser grinding tools and subsequently finer tools were used in three stages. The grinded surface was cleaned by vacuum unit to remove grinded powder/ dust and to open the pores in the matrix.

Cerrazzo Grout Application

To seal pores after dry grinding, Cerrazzo grout of corresponding shade was applied to ensure that all pores were sealed thoroughly.

Wet Polishing

After Cerrazzo grout has set in about 24 hours, wet polishing process was undertaken from coarser resin pads to finer pads to get a smooth and glossy surface of Cerrazzo.

Duraseal Application

After wet grinding and drying the surface, two coats of Duraseal, aliphatic PU clear coating, were applied as sealer coat.

Buffing and Final Cerrazzo Finished surface

After 24 hours of application of Duraseal, the surface was buffed with smooth resin pads to attain the pleasing wet look of Cerrazzo.