Since 1976, when Dr.Cipy used castor oil to synthesise the first urethane coating, Cipy has been providing sustainable solutions for more than four decades.


IGBC GreenPro Certification

Created by the USGBC, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, known as LEED, has strongly influenced facility design and construction across the globe. Though not members of USGBC, we support our architects, designers, and consultants to earn points at every stage of green projects on self-declaration.

Cipy green coatings


At Cipy, sustainability means a cohesive business approach to continual improvement in environmental protection, overall development and social responsibility. From the manufacturing of coatings from natural resources to the recycling of raw material drums, the sustainable practices are part of our company culture.

Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that are more environmentally benign and reduce negative impacts on human health and environment. Our sustainable growth efforts drive us to create products that reduce the use of energy and encourage the development of products based on the use of renewable resources and employing green chemistry. Dr.Cipy’s green products such as PUDs, waterborne epoxies, solvent-free urethanes and PU-Concrete do not exceed the maximum VOC limits as defined by EPA.

Environmental quality

All Cipy industrial and decorative flooring systems qualify as low emitting materials. Most of the products are either solvent-free or waterborne, while a few have extremely low VOC.