Technical Datasheets

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Aquoxy 50

A permeable, two-component waterborne epoxy primer recommended for both old and new concrete substrates.

Aquoxy 60

A two-component, semi-glossy, waterborne epoxy pigmented system, recommended as a roll-on coating for concrete and masonry substrates.

Aquoxy ESD

Waterborne epoxy conductive base coat for ESD flooring systems.

Cerrazzo Cem Grout

Single-component, cementitious compound used for filling up the porosities of Cerrazzo Cem matrix.

Cerrazzo Cem

A fast setting, high strength, cementitious terrazzo flooring with specially formulated hydraulic binders.

Cerrazzo Grout

A two-component epoxy filled system, recommended for filling up the porosities of Cerrazzo matrix.